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Happily Immersed in the Andean city of Guaranda Ecuador, Lisa Brunetti critiques just-shot images of red-caped Indians. (Photo by Marie Groff)

WordPress hurled a curve ball today!   Thankfully the challenge works well with my life as an artist, naturalist and blogger.  Finding images for this challenge was an easy task!

“We want to know what inspires you. For this special mid-week photo challenge, we want to see portraits of you doing something that inspires you to blog  …  Show us photos of yourself doing things that inspire you to blog. Have a cooking blog? Let’s see you in the kitchen. Run a fitness blog? We want to see you in action. ” 

The above instructions used the words “portraits, photos’ and “doing THINGS,” so I jumped in with both feet and retrieved images that reflect those requests!

“Red Capes” in progress; Watercolor by Lisa Brunetti

What inspires me?  What doesn’t inspire me?!  The byline on my main blog states, “An Artist’s Eyes Never Rest.”   On a quick trek to town this morning, I asked permission to photograph the always-smiling  push-cart lady who cleans the streets of Jama Ecuador.  She posed for several photos, and as we admired her likeness on the tiny screen, I explained to her that I painted.  I told her, “Los ojos de artista nunca basta.”  I am not sure if that’s the proper way to say that phrase in Spanish, but she seemed to understand!

Usually within reach, my camera often records special memories and allows me to share those memories via WordPress.   The camera is not only my main assistant for writing blogs, but it also records details for my future paintings.   Luckily others have snapped and shared images when I was focused on subject matter!

Making numerous appearances on my blog, olive ridley sea turtles always capture my attention!

“Crawling Lessons” Watercolor

The olive ridley sea turtles own a large slice of my image library and have been featured in many of my posts.  The ‘fluffy’ olive ridley posts can be perused here: https://playamart.wordpress.com//?s=olive+ridley&search=Go  while more serious stories about their decline are featured here:  https://playamart.wordpress.com/2012/06/27/weekly-image-of-life-breathtaking/

and on my other site here:  http://zeebradesigns.wordpress.com//?s=olive+ridley&search=Go

Yikes! Something just nibbled my legs!

Sometimes my friends catch me in unguarded moments, like when I waded across a cool stream to inspect the gnarled roots of an old tree. I wasn’t expecting the little ‘sardines’ to start nibbling my legs!

Thanks, Ed, for letting me ride Palomo; thanks, Barb, for taking the photos!






.How great it was to enter the first-ever ‘barrel’ speed event competition in my little community of Pueblo Nuevo de Bejuco in Costa Rica! They had no idea that their resident artist/naturalist was once a barrel-racing champion! By placing second,  I won short-term respect from the neighborhood!

Quinoa Fields, Latitude Zero, Cayambe Ecuador

Hank and Marie Groff recently visited Ecuador, and many times Marie captured fun moments while I inspected the landscape with childlike curiosity.  Escape to the Andes shows a slightly-different view than Marie’s images!

See the story about the snow-capped highest peak in Ecuador in Mystical Andes!

Tipping closer for a better photo of Volcano Chimborazo, I spooked some cows from the ditch!  For a peek at lovely Chimborazo, see the post, Mystical Andes.

The community of Jama Ecuador embraces my history as an artist and oftentimes asks for my help in community matters.   Little did Luchy Cevallos and I realize that this post-painting project would spark an even-greater one that continues to receive international attention!  Read It Started With One LIght Pole and witness how one light pole ignited a post-painting frenzy.  See also Paul Caridad’s story on Visual News.  (Thanks again, Paul!)

Lisa the teacher and Lise the student (Costa Rica)

Cis Wilson and Lisa fill in areas of color in Cis’s first “I Can Do This” painting.

I have written several posts about the “I Can Do This Workshops.”   Scroll through the posts and see if you don’t agree:  “I CAN DO THIS!” 


Lise, visiting from France, paused while working on her first Ï Can Do This” painting!

Because I prefer to be behind the camera instead of the subject of interest, I sometimes try to blend in with the locals. How do you think I am doing?!!

Cuenca Ecuador Tourist Police –  Which person does not belong to this group?

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Thanks, everyone, for your tireless support of my work, whether I am painting or chattering about my latest adventure in Latin America!  Thanks, WordPress, for a great challenge!