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Cafe Con Leche, Anyone?

Ailsa, from where’s my backpack, asks for images of liquid.  My first thoughts for this post flowed to natural streams, rivers, lakes, oceans.  I then pondered the many liquids that we consume, so here are some of my favorite images that might make you wistful to sample these drinks!

Cafe con leche: Poquito mas, por favor!

The people’s favorite: Coffee Cat!

Would you rather have something cool and refreshing?

Sip a cool “Maracu-ita” and float your worries down the stream!

Hibiscus Starfruit Infusion Tea

Pitalla/Dragon Fruit Freeze! (Well, not quite frozen!)

“Mora” juice at breakfast at Hacienda Guachala, Cayambe Ecuador (Latitude Zero)

Start the morning with fresh mora (blackberry) juice! Hacienda Guachala/Ecuador

See more images for the travel theme of Liquid at Where’s My Backpack!   Thanks, Ailsa! Z