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Ecuador’s specialty dish, viche, comes from the province of Manabi.

Nearing the end of the alphabet, Frizztext’s story challenge for this week is for the letter “V.”    How lucky I am to live in the province of Manabi, home to an amazing culinary specialty we know as ‘viche.’   Also spelled, “biche,” this hearty seafood soup combines a variety of fresh vegetables, ripe and unripe plantains in a unique peanut-based broth.

Rather than making a poor attempt at describing how this soup is made, I am steering you to Laylita, who shares amazing recipes from her home country of Ecuador!  Her version of biche can be found HERE.

Although I have never made viche, I enjoy sampling and comparing the different versions between the local restaurants.  Some have chunks of fresh fish; others have shrimp;  a few are packed with fish, shrimp and perhaps a small lobster!   Ah, perusing the photos makes me suddenly hungry for another serving!

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Viche – Not to be confused with Ceviche!

As I finish this post, the first true rain dances across the roof of the riverhouse!  The dry season comes to an end, and the rainy season slowly begins!  Yes, a comforting bowl of viche pairs well with the sound of rainfall!