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Immersed in nature, I tended this slice of the Garden of Eden in Costa Rica.

Lynda, at Life on the Farmlet, posted a beautiful letter to her brother for a Daily Post writing challenge.  The sentiment reminded me of something I wrote years ago while living in Costa Rica.  I reached back in the archives and retrieved the following from a collection of writings that I called, Walden of the Tropics.    This one is dedicated to you, Lynda!

Deliciously-fragrant and equally-dangerous Datura. Brugmansia suaveolens

Costa Rica – My garden flourishes with water. An ongoing and expanding palette of colors embraces the contours of the landscape. Colorful zinnias, in wait of cutting, guard the quieter blue-faced torenia. Impatiens fill cool corners, and cosmos stand strong against the mid-day sun. Papayas, racing from seedling to 20 feet in one year, tower above the rich foliage of the ginger and the delicate lacework of the ferns.

The datura/angels’ trumpet/ “reina of the noche” permeates the evening air with its heady fragrance. Its pendulant blossoms dangle like showy Christmas baubles  -in case its fragrance fails to attract attention, its blossoms will.

Yikes! There was an invasion of caterpillars!

Somewhere in the symphony of my garden, the struggling plants signal distress. “Food or water, por favor?” they beg.

The Whiners, I call them.

“A Maracuya Day!”

I am reminded of human relationships. We marvel at strength and at exceptional beauty, at excellence, yet how quickly we reward weakness. Attention goes immediately to the one struggling most. So  I rescue the wilting plants as the strong ones stand stoically and hope they’ll be remembered. Often they’re not. My focus is on the one with the obvious need.

Stately no-nonsense heliconias require little attention. – photo copyright Lisa Brunetti

How often we rush to the rescue of the needy while ignoring the strong. This week I’ll water my strong plants first and tell them how much joy they give me.  Maybe I’ll remember to do the same with my personal relationships as well.