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P1580589 CHIMBORAZO guaranda to riobamba

Jake’s Sunday Post prompts us for images that illustrate peaceful.   Here are some images that show the serene, peaceful Andean area between Volcano Chimborazo and Guaranda Ecuador.    Enjoy!  Z

P1580327 chiimborazo

Hank, Marie and I drove this stretch of the Andes last month. The story of our first glimpse of “Chimbo” can be found here: Mystical Andes

P1580238 guaranda bound cow y fogP1580261 guaranda bound landscape2P1580360 chimbo cows

After drinking in the snow-peaked beauty of Chimborazo, we weaned toward the small city of Guaranda.

P1580427 guaranda drive by green

Volcano Chimborazo watches over the pastoral landscape near Guaranda Ecuador.

P1580426 guaranda drive by cow

There are many opportunities for “drive-by (camera) shootings” of roadside scenes!

P1580428 guaranda drive by cow

More drive-by shootings!

P1580431 guaranda house landscape

P1580434 guaranda eucalyptus

Stately eucalyptus trees frame the view.

P1580446 guaranda

Welcome to Peaceful Guaranda Ecuador!

P1580459 guaranda church park

Ah, Ecuador’s parks and churches provide peaceful settings!

P1580458 guaranda church park

Guaranda’s Central Park

Chimborazo keeps a distant watch over peaceful Guaranda.

Chimborazo keeps a distant watch over peaceful Guaranda.

For more peaceful images, see Jake’s Sunday Post!

Thanks, Jake!