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Zeebra Designs & Destinatinos brush holder

Frizztext’s Story Challenge brings us to the final letters of the alphabet.  “Watercolor” shoves out other options for this week’s selection from my tag stats!

Water water everywhere… Many times I remind struggling watercolorists to remember that it’s ‘WATER’color.  One wants the white of the paper to enhance the painting and make the colors glow!

blue happy shoes 02

I prefer to work from life, so I searched the yard in hopes of finding a butterfly.  How thrilled I was to find this one, broken wings and all! “Happy Shoes” (above) presented a few challenges.  Remember that a purist does not use white pigment;  the white of the paper speaks for itself!

“Museum Guardians” (below) greets visitors who visit this blog.  The watercolor design blends two pre-Columbian artifacts from the Jama Ecuador museum and rolls them into a bright colorful design.   Not one to use masking fluids, I enjoyed the challenge of working the dark areas against the lighter ones.

00 Mola #4  jama museum guardians

jungle congo watercolor cropped

“Guarumu’ (cecropria) leaves are a favorite of howlers, though the monkeys eat the stem and then drop the leaf to the ground!

An old one, this watercolor (below) was painted from a photo taken of friends’ beach chairs and given as a surprise birthday present.  Many memories are attached to paintings like this!

beach chairs


Some people ask how I glued the pottery to the paper!

MISS VALDIVIA from Museo Bahia de Caraquez

Senorita Valdivia, inspired by an artifact in the Bahia de Caraquez Museum, is the first of a new series of paintings for a 2014 exhibition. Given permission to visit the three museums of Manabi Province on “Closed to the Public” Mondays, I can work in blissful silence!

P1550787 ET museo bahia de caraquez

This artifact from the Bahia Museum earned the nickname of “ET.”  Do you think that an ancient astronaut modeled for the original artist?

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Thanks, Z