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Cabalgata in San Vicente Ecuador

Cabalgata in San Vicente Ecuador

Every so often, my sensitive side catches me off guard, and something triggers a release of tears that makes me ponder, “Am I nuts to let this affect me?”  Recently horses seem to be a recurring theme in my life.  An equestrian since early childhood, I ‘brake’ for a well-bred horse with dinner-plate jaw, arched neck and intelligent eyes.

Cowboys & Cowgirls, Giddye-Up On Down That Road!

Cowboys & Cowgirls, Giddye-Up On Down That Road!

A few weeks ago, I encountered a detour in nearby San Vicente (Ecuador), where a ‘tope’ event blocked traffic along the outgoing lanes of traffic.   Not frustrated by the detour, I bailed out of the bus and began taking photos!

"Mothers, Don't Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys!"

“Mothers, Don’t Let Your Babies Grow Up To Be Cowboys!”

A Kind-Hearted Cowboy

A Kind-Hearted Cowboy

Bombarded by festive music, prancing horses and well-groomed cowboys and cowgirls, the crowd received the parade of horses with infectious enthusiasm.   Pausing at random moments, the riders greeted bystanders while others swapped  swigs of cold cervesas!  One striking cowboy gleaned my admiration; reaching for water instead of cervesa, he leaned forward and lovingly poured the water down the mane and forelock of his jet-black horse.  We traded smiles as I captured the moment, and he nodded back with a silent exchange of respect. tope P1600477 kind cowboy Several posts about horses have recently gleaned my ‘like’ or comment prompt.  Especially beautiful is Dina’s  “Not Stealing But Letting Out Horses In Norway.”   Visit this lovely post and appreciate how one country treasures its equine assets. tope san vicente P1600405 I stumbled across a blog from Argentina that made me smile.  Read, “Burnt Chicken” and enjoy Cowboy Hugh’s true story! P1600479 cabalgata san vicente young equestrian young musians cropped P1600469 san vicente young musicians What young horse lover did NOT read Misty of Chincoteague?   When following the news about Hurricane Sandy, I never thought about the horses on the barrier islands.  This report reflects that people still care about the Chincoteague ponies.  (Chincoteague Ponies Survived Hurricane Sandy) 

So what triggered my tears? The answer is in Vivian’s post, Where Have All The Mustangs Gone? tope san vicenteP1600409 My attention swiveled to the dilemma of mustangs, those classic icons that captured our hearts in movies, literature and campfire tales.   The online stories  saddened me; surely there’s a way to prevent the loss of thousands at risk of dying?  The website  Persian Horse introduces us to the mustangs with a sensitive opening.  See it here:  America’s Mustangs   Explore more of their site, but prepare to be saddened by what you read.

tope P1600456 cowboy

For every person who turns an indifferent ear, there are others who actively work to save the horses.   This story warms one’s heart.  “Wild Horses Saved by…”

There are others who adopt horses that are no longer useful to their owners.  I tip my hat to the folks at Majestic Mustang Rescue.

Hats Off!!

Hats Off!!

The amount of information written about the plight of the mustangs surprised me.  For those who want to know more, here’s a start:




How did the delicate balance between man and nature shift to man against nature?

How did the delicate balance between man and nature shift to man against nature?

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I’m honored that so many of you are following, ‘liking’ and commenting about the subjects that are dear to me.   How could I NOT have a good month of December when all of you are in my corner?

Thanks, Everyone!

Thanks, Everyone!  MY CUP RUNNETH OVER -AGAIN!

Happy Holidays, and thanks for your amazing support!


After th competition

For Barbara: After The Competition  – Photo taken by Barbar Seibel – Costa Rica