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movement y calm costa rica 6 a.m. san miguel

Ahhhhhh! Creeping out of bed before the first light of day always rewards me with magical moments! There’s a pristine wakefulness of the senses, and the first words of the day are unspoken ones with nature. By being silent, one aligns with the rhythms of nature.

Dawn - Playa San Miguel

Dawn – Playa San Miguel Costa Rica

Two challenges have chosen the subject of peaceful this week, so between power outages, internet failures and travel, I have enjoyed thumbing through the files for some of my favorite images for this theme.

Estero Sunrise

Estero Sunrise

I have always treasured my immersions of solitude in nature.  It is there, removed from any distractions from modern man, where I  release any  inner turmoil.  When one’s world becomes silent, one’s soul synchronizes with nature.

Playa Rosada, Nicaragua

Playa Rosada, Nicaragua

Guayaquil (Ecuador) Botanical Gardens/Malecon 2000

Guayaquil (Ecuador) Botanical Gardens/Malecon 2000

Madre Tierra welcomes my visit, and  in her healing powers, I feel grounded.  A balm to the soul, she embraces me as if I’ve returned to the womb.

06 CR howlers MOTHER Y BABE

There’s something peaceful about watching wildlife in natural surroundings.

Playa Rosada 'pre' Sunset

Playa Rosada ‘pre’ Sunset

The ocean keeps its own mysterious rhythms;  almost bipolar, it projects strength and fury on one facet while offering calm reflective areas on others.

Ah, there's nothing like being home sweet home in time to catch the last hour of twilight!

Ah, there’s nothing like being home sweet home in time to catch the last hour of twilight!

0 P1470017 rio jama sunset

The river delivers a never-ending supply of natural prozac!  Tranquil rivers and streams have their own healing magic.

Rio Calm

Rio Calm -How comforting it was to see my friend Fernando paddling downstream (this week!) with his son Andy!

P1610683 rio jama fernando andy

Note young Andy’s peaceful ease and trust in his father’s canoeing ability,

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