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yellow LONG CAYE BELIZE P1300248

We’re nearing the end of Frizztext’s Story Alphabet Challenge, and I’ll be in my element after clearing this week’s Y!

yellow LONG CAYE BELIZE P1300246

Long Caye Belize

Y stands for Yellow!  Enjoy these selections of yellow!

Downtown Jama - Bus Stop Corner

Downtown Jama Ecuador – Bus Stop Corner

Manta Ecuador

Manta Ecuador

yellow P1530093

Are you tired of seeing the post-painting images?

yellow P1520873

Post-Painting Competition – El Matal, Ecuador

Inquiring minds want to know... what species is this?

Morning Wake-up – Hacienda Guachala, Ecuador

Snowy Egret Wearing Yellow Slippers

Snowy Egret Wearing Yellow Slippers

Yellow Slippers

Yellow Slippers – Rio Jama, Ecuador

Cruzita, Ecuador

Cruzita, Ecuador

Spinning Tops!

Spinning Tops! – La Pila Ecuador

blue yellow boat SJDS nicaragua

Watercolor — Copyright Lisa Brunetti

Detail/ Tres Manos Copyright Lisa Brunetti

Detail/ Tres Manos – Acrylic

amble and yellow dump truckSee more great examples of Y at Frizztext’s Story Challenge.  (With the Y hurdle cleared, I can start pondering what starts with Z!)