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P1600824 Nina in my lap

The Gift of Curiosity

JAMA ECUADOR – December 2012

When I first sank my roots into this farming community, I was one of few transplants. The locals warmly accepted their pale-skinned ‘Gringa Alta,’ and the children learned to quickly spot the strange-talking outsider when she came to town.  Parents sat in the shadows and nudged the ninos to greet the Gringita.  Those children (and their families) have enriched my life.

Many have a basic and simple life that bestows them with rich virtues, although they aren’t often exposed to advanced technologies.   When I compare their simple lives with those in the more-cultured world, I question if one can give a child too much.   Material possessions are oftentimes a curse;  we stay so focused on the newest gadget that we lose sight of the simple and free gifts at our fingertips.

P1600947 little boy y puppy total trust

The Gift Of Trust

ThisMansJourney’s sensitive post about children and their gifts will warm any Scrooge’s heart! Most of the children of rural Ecuador will not be hoping for the latest high-tech gadget this Christmas; families focus on simple gatherings and modest gifts. These children are blessed with the gift of a simple life. Take a walk with me through the area and witness the gifts that enrich their simple lives.

P1620052 leeSAH WALK HOME

The Gift Of Acceptance – This lovely young gal also has the gift of grace;  she spots me from afar and dashes to the corner and warmly greets me!


The Gifts of Curiosity & Confidence  – The neighbors are timid!

P1620325 papelito y little boy aguacates y bananas

The Gift Of Unconditional Love

The Gift Of Responsibility

The Gift Of Responsibility

white jama shadows P1480340

The Gift Of Uninhibited Joy

What Would You Do If We Sang Out Of Key?  (Montecristi)

The Gift Of Pleasing Others (What Would You Do If We Sang Out Of Key? -Montecristi)

P1350031 boots little boy farm

The Gift Of Dreams

raul frienda

The Gift Of Mentors


The Gift Of Responsibility II

children cumpleanos luchi

The Gift Of Belonging

P1600814 little hammock gal is tired

The Gift of Comfort (She was pouting!)

P1600809 jama hammock vegetable

The Gift Of Acceptance (They allowed me into their quiet corner of the world!)

A Serenade For Lisa (Jama, Ecuador) 'Pederico called from across the street, ran inside and retrieved his guitar, then played and sang me a song!

The Gift of Giving (He serenaded me!)

P1510803 dier smiles

The Gift Of Memories  (After a 2-year absence, I was greeted with this smile! – Dier has a severe neurological affliction.)

00 P1530400 roy

The Gifts Of Hope & Dreams (Oh! To do one’s best for the honor of the challenge!)

The Gift Of

The Gift Of Lazy Unhurried Days

P1340877 sunshine ninas P1340879 beauty shadows sisters

The Gift Of Innocence

The Gift Of Innocence

The Gift oFSecurtity

The Gift oFSecurtity

The Gift Of The Outdoors

The Gift Of The Outdoors

The Gift Of The Simple

The Gift Of The Simple

The Gift Of Lazy Unhurried Days


The Gift Of Security (The streets are quiet.)

Shouldn't he be looking the other way?  No, he's talking to -----

The Gift Of Happiness (He’s practicing the ‘Manana” virtue!)

May he never suffer from materialism!

The Gift Of Contentment – (May he never suffer from materialism!)

These children may never witness the frenzy of a typical Christmas morning in a more advanced society; they will, however, cherish the significance of the day and its modest gifts.
ecuador jama voeuyers

The best present is Life’s gift of character.