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Feeling Festive!

Ecuadorians often begin their evenings when I am ready for slumber!  (My sleep patterns are more like the birds’ than the Ecuadorians!)     Last year I spent Christmas Eve with friends, and I was amused to find that their day was like all others!  When the sun set, and no one had started cooking, I asked if I could help prepare some food.  “No,” they smiled, we’re going to a cousin’s house to eat..”

Around 11 in the evening, we drove to the other side of town to the cousin’s house.  People were serving their plates, so we were quickly seated at the dining room table and feasted on turkey and trimmings and white wine!  At the stroke of midnight, everyone stopped eating and exchanged greetings,  and then we resumed our meal!   We visited for another few hours, then returned home!

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I questioned a friend today about their tradition, and she said that they also eat at midnight, and they exchange greetings in observance of the birth of the Christ Child.   Gift giving is for the children, while the “Papa Noel” tradition follows in  February in honor of the three wise men who brought presents to the Christ Child.

And that, my friends,  is my Christmas report!  We’re getting a bit of rain, which means I’ll be ‘ht and miss’  on WordPress for the next few months, at the whim of the temperamental electricity!

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Feliz Navidad!