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HIGH TIDES - Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

HIGH TIDES – Playa San Miguel, Costa Rica

The Let’s Be Wild photo challenge for this week is EXPLORATION.

P1140725 rolling waves large file Z

Many of you might remember this view of classic Playa San MIguel, Costa Rica. Powerful waves and high tides hammered this stretch of coastline for several weeks a few years ago. I explored the beach each morning at sunrise to record the changes.

P1140781 hig tides

Waves thundered ashore then rolled back and crashed against new ones.  Witnessing the power of the waves filled my mornings with wonder!

P1140774 high tide hig tides

Everyy ten minutes or so, one large wave rolled beyond the highest areas of the beach.

P1140836  hig tides

The waves sucked the sand from beneath these benches!

P1140828 HIGH TIDE z

Quite bipolar, the waves switched from calm to brava with little warning.

P1140825 hig tides

Dangerous Beauty

P1140822 hig tides

Going, going gone….

Riptides along this beach are quite dangerous, and people drown every year.

P1180308 llena DAYLIGHT splash Z

Place your bets.. Will these hold their ground against the waves?

As the destruction continued, the locals gathered at the end of each day to watch the waves.  We shared a few amusing moments!


* Post Script: This image won the Let’s Be Wild Photo Challenge!!!

P1180286 3 PALMAS Y NOAHZ P1180242 community watchZ P1180243 COMMUNITY WAVE WATCHZ P1180246 COMMUNITY WAVE WATCHZ P1180248  community wave watch RUNZ P1180250 COMMUNITY WAVE WATCH RUNZ P1180259 runZ

A sense of camaraderie settled around us as we witnessed the ocean’s power.

P1140576 HIGH TIDES P1140546 olas bravasZ P1140610 olas bravasZP1140613 olas bravas Z
P1140611 olas bravas
P1140607 olas bravasZ

P1140767 IT GOT ME hig tides

Ker-SPLASH! It got me!

How can the ocean be so powerful one day… and so picturesque another?

01 a destinations CR CLASSIC MORNING

The ocean claimed these classic palms about a week after this image was taken.

P1140130 san miguel rearranged by mother oceanZ

From extremely high to extremely low, the tides have many moods.

P1140185 mother oceanZ

Locals Inspecting Daily Changes: The ocean gobbles the sand then belches it back in new places.

0 P1150158 estero sunrise Z

Powerful forces often lurk beneath a peaceful facade.  Deceiving at sunrise, the high tides at the estero were quite destructive as well.

Thanks for tagging along on an exploratory beach patrol.  One can stay in the bed and slumber, or one can get outside and witness first hand the powerful beauty of nature!