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bicycle HPIM5457

Frizztext’s first two alphabet challenges for 2013 are for the letters A and B. When possible, I plan to use Spanish words!

You might remember that I have my very own personal welcome wagon when I pass through the outskirts of town!  Even if I am in a hurry, I always stop and bask in her gentle nature!  (See Children & Their Gifts)


She makes me feel like royalty!

This past week when Maria dashed out to greet me, I thought, “If I’m going to stop and talk with her, we might as well have a lesson in English!”

P1620870 a for arbol english spanish jama

I asked her to get a pencil and paper, then we plopped on a dollop of earth left behind by a road grader.  Anticipating Frizztext’s story challenge, I asked her to name a word that started with “A.”

“Arbol,” she stated.

In my notebook, I wrote the word in Spanish then English and hurriedly drew a tree and said, “Tree.”

“Tree,” she repeated, then wrote the word and drew a tree as well!

Since I didn’t photograph our classwork, here’s a pencil drawing from years ago:

Palo de Agua - Pencil - 24" x 36" - Lisa Brunetti

Palo de Agua – Pencil – 24″ x 36″ – Lisa Brunetti

Her sister joined us and selected the word for B.


Oh my! Thankfully they were happy with a hurried scribble of two circles and a few lines connecting them!

We wrote ten or twelve more words, and they practiced pronouncing them. Then I tore the page from my notebook and presented it to them before continuing home.

Here is an image of the sisters in their Christmas Eve finery!

P1620499 a for arbol jama park christmas eve

I will close with more images of A for Arbol and B for Bicicleta!

El Salvador

El Salvador

A Grand Ceibo Tree


P1270415 i love this tree z

Costa Rica

trees geat mango panama zooz

Republic of Panama

Kicked Back (Near Hacienda Iguana)

Kicked Back in Nicaragua (Near Hacienda Iguana)

bicycle smiles P1010854

Costa Rica

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua Bicycle Sunset

San Juan del Sur, Nicaragua Bicycle Sunset

01 a DESTINATIONS nicaragua SAN JUAN DEL SUR bicycle

SJDS Nicaragua

bicycle shadows with paddle


Have a great day!  Z

(Costa Rica) Have a great day! Z

Frizztext kicked off the year with a new alphabet challenge.   See more for A HERE  and for B HERE.