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How Does One Spell Mud?!!!!

How Does One Spell Mud?!!!!  When walking to town in THIS, I briefly wondered if I was on the right track!

After six months of extreme dry weather, typical of this dry rain-forest climate, the clouds turned on their taps and kicked off the new year with slow gentle rain.   And more rain.  And more rain.   And more rain.

Friends from Colorado are in town to check on their home that’s under construction in the area.   I’ve upgraded from a life ankle deep in mud on the river to a short stay at a cute hostal while they are here.    (The photo above shows the road between my house and town.)   All’s fine here, though the internet has been painfully slow.  I have had problems sending emails, commenting on other posts or replying to WordPress comments.

'Tis The Season For Boots!

‘Tis The Season For Boots!

Every so often Life presents golden tokens of assurance that I’m on track, and a huge smile arrived via an email patiently awaiting my attention.    Patricia Adams Farmer, who lives nearby at Coco Beach Village,  pens a column for Jesus Jazz & Buddism.   Last month she featured the “Van Gogh Ceibo” painting in an article about ceibo trees.  (Read You, Me and the Ceibo Tree HERE.)

P1620701 casa akabado mano acrylic

Jama Coaque Mano – Based on artifact in Casa Alabado Museum – Quito, Ecuador

Patricia’s true jewel arrived today; words fail me for a worthy preface.  Her words trump all of mine!   Kick back and enjoy a nugget of her genius HERE: The Totalmente Zen Art of Lisa Brunetti 

Thank you, dear Patricia;    I am honored and touched by your beautifully-written post.