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Out for a Sunday Stroll…

This new year kicks off a new Frizztext Alphabet Challenge, and my personal challenge is to use Spanish words each week.    Although ‘ceviche’ popped to the front of my mental list, I realized that my number-one garden pest also starts with a C.

"Shhhh!  Look!  The Gringita is going to town!"

“Shhhh! Look! The Gringita is going to town!  There’s an all-you-can-eat buffet at her house!”

Chivos!  Cabras!   The locals in Ecuador call them, Chivatos, but I call them “Damned Goats!”  I am presently replacing an old bamboo fence with a new one to keep them out of the yard.  Ecuadorians call bamboo, ‘Canya,’ so that’s one more C-word to share with you!

0 damn goats P1400151 damn goats damn goats damn goats

They strip the entire yard bare and gnaw the woody stems. Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!

They seem to have a network of spies that reports when I leave the house!

0 DAMN GOATS P1400142

At times I catch them, and the chase begins…  This morning we had a break in the rain, and I heard the bleat of a goat.   I dashed to the window to see one small goat standing inside the gate.  It quickly turned, squeezed back through and joined the others!

damned goats y more goats

The funny part is, when they’re not around, I sort of miss them!

"Who?  Me?  She misses us?  Wait!  I'll go get the others!"

“Who? Me? She misses us? Wait! I’ll go get the others!”

P1380631 goats

So that’s my word for the day, and the reason I continue improving the canya fence!   See Frizztext’s post HERE for great illustrations for C.

P1340982 goats

…She loves us, she loves us not. She loves us, she loves us not…