Sweet Gypsy Pauline just sent this out regarding the flooding in Australia. Let’s hope the storm exhausts itself soon.

Here are some images from an online ABC report: http://www.abc.net.au/news/2013-01-27/queensland-floods-as-oswald-moves-south/4486174

gypsy life

Queensland is once more being inundated with a massive storm system. It is slow-moving and dumping enormous amounts of rain and lashing gale-force winds of over 100kph. Over 6 days it has moved south from Cairns in the north. Yesterday it reached Brisbane, our beautiful capital city, after the huge storms of 2011 many people had only just put their lives back together again. My heart aches for these poor families.

Late yesterday We went down to our beach to see what the storms were doing. Jack took this photo of one of a big old tree blown over. So sad to see. The visibility was almost nil and the waves were roaring and wild

Jack took some photos but we did not stay long it was scary watching the awesome power of nature.

This morning we are watching the TV showing all the flooding. So far Bundaberg is the worst affected, with…

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