P1500490 dear dady Flaca – la Flaca –  My dear friend Dady is often lovingly called, “Flaca” by her friends.

Ivo Uuillos y Dady

Ivo Uquillos greets lovely Dady at the inauguration of his retrospective show in Portoviejo, Manabi Ecuador.

Through the wonders of  editing the ‘Publish” options, this post should reach you while I am traveling through the country via minibus!     When pondering Spanish words that start with F, I selected Flaca because of Jarabe de Palo’s song by that name!  He sings about a woman in Cuba who was “100 pounds of skin and bones – 40 kilos of salsa,”  and she loved to dance!    The song has a great beat,  great pauses between beats,  funky sounds and oh, how he’d like to kiss that  woman that’s driving him crazy!

un beso de la flaca...

“Un beso de la flaca…”

P1470903 dade Flaca means thin, lean, skinny.    Pictured above is Dady during last year’s post-painting contest in Jama (It Started With One Light Pole)  and below is Gema, a lovely teenager friend from Cruzita. JemaP1540189

This was written offline and hopefully will published as requested!  Have a good day, everyone, and I’ll be back with better internet in a day or two!   Until then, enjoy the song!

Lovely Gina

Lovely Gina of Hostal Cruzita (Ecuador)

Thanks, Frizztext, for the story challenge!