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P1640181 shrimp harvest sunset

Manabi Ecuador – Feb. 2013

One often encounters unique ideas and solutions when living off the grid. Since I ‘don’t know nothin’ about electricity, I stand way back while others do their work!

P1640188 sunset shrimp harvest

This past week when my friends prepared for a night-time harvest of the nearby shrimp pond, I checked on the progress every hour or so.  (The gates to the discharge pipes are opened during low tide, and about twelve hours later, the harvest begins!)
P1640189 shrimp harvest outgoing water

How they string their work lights provided quite a surprise for me! Who needs expensive electricians when one can improvise with little?

Cesar chuckled when I called these items, "Safety pins."

Cesar chuckled when I called these items, “Safety pins.”

Hmmm.  The 'light bulb'  concept was beginning to click in my mind!

Hmmm. The ‘light bulb’ concept was beginning to click in my mind!

P1640202 safety pins

These guys had obviously done this before!

P1640218 safety pin light bulbs

All in a day’s work!

P1640212 safety pins light bubls

P1640215 safety pin light bulb

Clever!… But will this work?

P1640220 shrimp harvest begins

They ran an eclectic line of extension cords and wire from the house to the site!

P1640227 shrimp harvest lights


Discharge water blows through pipe. (Note round net, which holds back any ‘escapes.’)

The system worked well, don’t you think?  More on the harvest soon!