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How Many Shades Of Green?

How Many Shades Of Green?

Feb 12, 2013 – Manabi – Ecuador
After Saturday’s earthquake, I diffused my pent-up energy with a trek to town.  The images above and below show how the recent rains transformed the landscape into many shades of green.

P1640455 malinche shrimp pond

A shrimp pond reflects the majestic beauty of the Royal Poinciana.

While a large percentage of the people I know are enduring the long cold winter, I am enjoying an almost-perfect climate with an endless supply of green!

Last week, I slowed my pace and inspected the ferns growing in the central park in town.   A botanical painting is incubating, and foliage plants continue to catch my eye.  I predict a monochromatic painting of vivid greens emerging in the near future!

P1630429 lets be wild NOW fern detail

The fern offers not only interesting shapes, but also unique texture!

P1630139 green foliage j campay

A Study Of Green – These leaves beg to be captured in color and in pencil!

These roadside watermelons would make a fun painting!

Sandia anyone?

Sandia anyone?

The grasshopper blended well against this Santa Maria medicinal plant.


Do you suppose “Little Bit” iguana (below) dreams of growing up to be super sized?


“Little Bit”

"One day I'm going to grow up to be a big iguana!"

“One day I’m going to grow up to be a big iguana!”

Big Red was once a little bit as well!

Big Red was once a little bit as well!

Below are more closeups of foliage;  yes, a botanical or scientific study will surely materialize soon!  Many artists have trouble finding subject matter;  my problem is: So many great subjects and so little time!

green insects mantis 2

Agave at Hacienda Guachala

Agave at Hacienda Guachala

P1630459 papyrus green geometry

P1630466 lets be wild NOW foliage green

P1630305 mint green


A trip to Guayaquil’s malecon is never complete without a trip through the botanical gardens.

green ecuador gye botanical gardens

Guayaquil Malecon – Botanical Gardens

Formal gardens showcase classic specimens, yet a pastoral landscape soothes the senses.

Corn Harvest - Jama Ecuador

Corn Harvest – Jama Ecuador

When traveling near Limon Nicaragua, I chuckled when we rounded a curve and disturbed this man’s siesta!

P1220572 man in tree GREENVisit Let’s Be Wild for other examples of the many colors of green in our outdoor world!  A special thanks goes to Babs  of Life in the Foothills for inquiring about my contribution to this week’s theme! Between dealing with visas, shrimp harvests and earthquakes,  I left this one patiently incubating in the Drafts folder!  (Thanks, Amiga!  I’ll bet you’ve always been a responsible team player!)   Please visit her post,The Green of Envy!

(We’ve had a week without rain, so I have also enjoyed pulling lots of GREEN grass in the gardens!)