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Rose/Hibiscus Tea Blend

Rose/Hibiscus Tea Blend

Impromptu company stops by, and you have nothing to serve.  Quick! Check your dried tea selection, and you might be able to whip up a unique appetizer! Here’s an easy dip or spread using dried tea! In honor of Valentine’s day, hibiscus will star in this post!  (Fresh hibiscus always trumps dried products, but dried hibiscus in tea form is so convenient!)

P1640574 got tea

Saute diced onion, celery and peppers, cool, then add to softened cream cheese.  I used green jalapenos.  (Equal portions onion/celery/pepper to cream cheese)

P1640576 got tea

A splash of lemon juice enhances the red colors.  (The green of the jalapenos ‘fought’ with the red flowers, so use red peppers if possible!)

P1640577 got tea

I have the luxury of using fresh flowers, which offsets that classic lesson in art: Red plus green equals brown!

P1640597 yucca starch and platano flour

With no crackers or chips in the kitchen, yucca and plantain flours stepped forward to play a role in this ‘there’s nothing to serve‘ solution!  I avoid wheat products as often as possible, so this provided a great opportunity to try new options!

P1640579 yucca starch y plantain flour

Mix equal parts plantain flour and yucca starch with salt, paprika and water to resemble pancake mix.  After a few tests, I added diced onions and a touch of jalapeno to the mixture and cooked the ‘crisps’ pancake style over medium heat.  Use enough oil to make them crisp on the outside and tender inside!

P1640595 got tea


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