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G for Gallo  (Rooster)

G for Gallo (Rooster) – Jama Ecuador

We’ve reached G in Frizztext’s Alphabet Challenge, and here is a short sampler of Spanish words that start with the letter G.

G for Gallo/Rooster

G for Gallo/Rooster – Santa Teresa, Ecuador


Garzas – Mangroves/Rio Jama -Manabi Ecuador

Egrets and herons are often lumped into the category of ‘Garza.”

iguana  HOW BIGg

Costa Rica – Iguana “Garrobo” Sunning in Backyard!

A large iguana is called a Garrobo in Costa Rica.   After iguana/garrobo, we come to Guitarra, a no brainer!  Do you know the word for sunglasses?

Guitar = Guitarra (That's an easy one!)

(Monticristi, Ecuador) Guitar = Guitarra (That’s an easy one!)  – So; what’s the Spanish word for sunglasses?

P1510532 barb y lobster dinner

El Matal, Ecuador

Gafas de sol are sunglasses.   My friend Barb paused for this photo before enjoying her beach-restaurant feast!

Now it’s time to get serious for the final word that begins with G.    Long ago I was taught that miners took a caged bird into the mine/cave to monitor dangerous gas levels while they worked.  If the bird died, that was a signal to get out pronto!

Some people are the ‘canaries’ when it comes to food additives.   I have a sensitivity to aspartame and to MSG and can tell within a few minutes if I’ve eaten food tainted with MSG.  Both are neurotoxins, also called excitotoxins, and they stimulate and kill your brain cells.

MSG (Monosodium Glutamate)  is called Glutamato Monosodico in Spanish, and I am appalled at how it’s tainting the food supply throughout Latin America.

MSG, a brain excito-toxin, creeps into the food chain.

MSG, a brain excito-toxin, creeps into the food chain in Latin America.

P1640556 SAZON PURE MSG - Copy P1640555  SAZON glutamato monosodico

Check That Hot Sauce Label for MSG

Check That Hot Sauce Label for MSG

Bags of pure MSG are often sold in the spice section of many local markets.  Aji-No-Moto is another name for MSG, and I (wrongly) first associated aji-no-moto with hot peppers (Aji=hot peppers in Ecudaor)…  Sazon is another word that often suggests CONSUMER BEWARE!   Check the mustards, tomato juice cocktails and the hot sauces.  Many have MSG, though thankfully some don’t!

MSG hides behind words like vegetable protein, yeast extract, natural flavorings, and many more.  Almost always,  chicken bouillon cubes, instant soup mixes and ready-to-use breaded seasonings have glutamato monosodico.   Most highly- seasoned chips are tainted with MSG; if someone handed you a capsule and said, ‘Here;  have a bit of neurotoxin – guaranteed to destroy brain cells,‘  would you take it?  Heavens no, but many people think nothing of consuming products that contain excitotoxins.  MSG is also linked to weight gain!  Wake up world!  You might not have a reaction, but those chemicals are a silent poison to your body!

MSG and Aspartame

MSG and Aspartame – both are also linked to weight gain!

I’ll never forget my first reaction to MSG – classic Chinese Restaurant Syndrome.  I feared that if I stood up, I would faint!   I dodged Chinese food for years but became sensitive to MSG in other food items.   My feet swell;  my fingers swell, and I drink large amounts of water to flush the toxins from my system.

About ten years ago I had a mysterious MSG reaction, and I thought, “What on earth am I eating that contains MSG?”   I was dizzy and felt drunk and confused; each day I was worse.  Suddenly I suspected that I was poisoning myself with a drink that I thought was good for my health!  I dashed to the refrigerator and confirmed that the tomato juice cocktails had MSG.  I had been drinking those for days!   Silly me!

Aspartame? Please, if you drink diet drinks, STOP NOW!  Twenty years ago I started having unexplained double vision.   Doctors never figured out what was wrong, but I stopped using aspartame-sweetened products, and the symptoms went away.   Five years later, I began drinking nutra-sweet lemonades, and I lost my vision for 24 hours.  The doctors were baffled and found no cause.  They agreed that I was lucky to get my vision back; I am sure that aspartame was the trigger.

99% Ajinomoto (left) y "Resaltador de Sabor (MSG) (right)

99% Ajinomoto (left) y “Resaltador de Sabor (MSG) in Yellow Mustard (right)

Glutamato Monosodico.  Please beware of this neurotoxin and its cousin aspartame.  Thanks, Frizztext, for allowing me to stand on the soapbox and remind everyone to beware of excitotoxins!