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P1640801 assistant calm

Gonzalo and Nicolas absorb the visual whimsy of the riverhouse!

The riverhouse received an injection of energy this weekend! Gonzalo de la Fuente and his beautiful family crammed many memories into their short break from the port city of Manta Ecuador.  Gonzalo is quite the Renaissance Man, and his graphic arts skills keep his dance card full.  I am grateful for his tireles help whenever I need posters, invitations, a press release, catalog, book marks, business cards –  he transforms and improves the concepts.   Although I often visit Gonzalo and his family on their turf,  this was their first trip to the Jama area. These photos reflect one of many great memories from their two-day visit.



P1640803 gonzalo y family

Opening the panel and revealing the window offers a dramatic view of the river!.

P1640805 window sea sitting pretty

Natalia and Nicolas enjoy the window seat.

P1640814 sunset at river house gonzalo family

Sunset Moments

I first met Natalia when she attended the inauguration of the Mola Series in Manta Ecuador. Her parents asked if she would like to attend, and 5-year old Natalia happily accepted! When they approached the museum, she exclaimed, ‘I’m going to get to paint!”

“Oh, no, Natalia; this is an art exhibition.  We are going to look at the paintings,” they replied.

They entered the show and discovered that Natalia could indeed paint, along with anyone else who wanted to help fill the space with design and color!

I Can Do This - Opening Reception/The Mola Series -Museo Cancebi - Manta, Ecuador

I Can Do This – Opening Reception/The Mola Series -Museo Cancebi – Manta, Ecuador

"I Can Do This" Museo Cancebi

“I Can Do This” Museo Cancebi

Natlalie indeed gets to paint!

Natlalie indeed gets to paint!

Eyeing the “If Fish Could Fly” painting,  Natalia and her brother Nicolas contributed an amazing assortment of new species of flying fish as we watched in stunned amusement! Without the aid of pencil, they dabbed their brushes into the paint and flew!

P1640822 MY Loyal assistants

They returned today and critiqued the painting. They did a great job; don’t you agree?

P1650068 my assistants

P1650069 my assistants

P1640993 swinging assistant

(Wait until you see their next joint-venture project!)
Coming soon!

You can visit Gonzalo on WordPress HERE!