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P1590961 GYE IGLESIA what's the pasword

Extra announcement cards for the Mola Series opened doors as we traveled!

A few lovely Ecuadorian iglesias move into the spotlight for Frizztext’s story alphabet this week.   In Guayaquil, this petite chapel shares a sweeping view with a lighthouse on Santa Ana Hill near the Malecon 2000 on the Guayas River.  Let’s take a look!

1590 Santa Ana Chapel

1590 Santa Ana Chapel

P1590998 guayaquil old church o hill

P1590992 gye old church on hill from lighthouse

P1590971 gye from lighthouse old igleisa

From the lighthouse staircase, lovely windows frame the view of Guayaquil.

Zipping to the line of the equator, we find two iglesias at Hacienda Guachala near Cayambe. (Below)

P1570719 HACIENDA GUACHALA  churches y sun dial

The Incan sundial stands in silent memory of long-ago cultures.

P1570636 hacienda guachala inside iglesia

This old iglesia was built on an ancient Incan site in 1580.

P1570572 iglesia hacienda guachala window P1570579 hacienda guachala gardens P1570595 hacienda guachala iglesia y flowers Like many churches in Latin America,  Guaranda’s stately iglesia balances against a serene park.  (Below)

P1580459 guaranda church park

Guaranda’s park and iglesia

P1580452 guaranda iglesia

Always a well-dressed lady, Cuenca offers many parks and iglesias; the blue-domed Catedral de la Inmaculada Concepción is surely the most-photographed church in the city!


Lovely Cuenca!

cuenca iglesia from street 01 a DESTINATIONS ecuador CUENCA IGLESIA (1) - Copy

Detouring away from the iglesias,  this final image shows the archaeological site of Ingapirca, where the Inca and Canari Indians worshiped the sun and the moon.  Pictured below is the temple of the sun.


I hope you enjoyed this sampler of iglesias from Ecuador!