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Here We Go Round In Circles

Here We Go Round In Circles

Many of you enjoyed the post, I Is For Iglesia,” and especially enjoyed the view from the lighthouse window.  Here is another view (Above) from the lighthouse which reflects the recent vortex of energy that swirls around and around my life!    Whenever a strong burst of creative energy ‘hits,’ I often say to myself and those close to me, ‘Uh-oh… bad weather’s on its way.’

P1630290 gatito rain lluvia window

Uh-oh! Where’s the silicone?

 Two inches of rain fell in a short time this past week, and I wasn’t surprised when we lost power for two days because of that weather!  I”ve been juggling many projects, and I am online very little.   The connection is painfully slow in the daytime, so slow that it is difficult to send emails or to comment on WordPress.  The comment swirls round and round, surely in counterclockwise energy, then finally kicks back as a dud.   Ditto for many emails.  The drop-down comment notification often will not load the comments, or it fails to deliver my reply!

Suffice to say that I am able to read your comments and appreciate all of them, though it has been difficult to say, ‘Thanks!”

P1640965 spiral loca

Swirls of energy – The Most-Recent I Can Do This Project!

Thanks to all of you who have subscribed through WordPress, Twitter and email!!!  This past week while in a cybercafe, I saw where Person #500 subscribed, which honored and sobered me!  Wow, I never dreamed when I started this 15 months ago that I would meet so many amazing and strong people through this site.    My only regret is that I know so little about many of you, and I hope to find a way to bridge that gap!

Thank you, every single one of you, for your positive feedback and support.  The fact that you subscribed is reward enough for me!   All creative people listen to their own voices, yet other’s approval works like a gentle rain and perfect climate that nudges a flower to bloom and grow!

P1640989 spiral loca

Painting For The Joy Of Painting: – Another “I Can Do This” Success!

Presently a garden of new work is incubating and growing. The last new post, thanks to horrid internet connections, did not ‘save,’ and all that remained was the title, “Esta Casa Es Loca.”

Hopefully that one will soon be heading your way, but my paints are literally ‘waiting’ for me to return to “If Fish Could Fly.”   I think you will enjoy the direction this painting is going, because many of you played a part in its evolution!

P1650068 my assistants

What’s next for If Fish Could Fly?     Stay tuned!

Grrrrrrrrrracias!  See you soon, electricity and internet willing!