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Every so often someone on WordPress shares a post that propels me back into my lazy childhood days in the Mississippi Delta.   This week, Frizztext shared some music through his post, which magically transported me back to the dining room of my childhood home.( Do You Remember Me)

Standing to the right of my father’s chair was short colorful Jenny, the lady who presided over our kitchen.  After Daddy blessed the food, we witnessed meek Jenny slowly transform as she sang the gospel song, I Shall Not Be Moved.

With an uneasy-yet-steady a capella beginning, she found strength and conviction with each line of the song.  Reaching crescendo with the chorus, she rocked back and forth like a human metronome – almost trance-like with a pendulum’s motion.  My eyes were surely wide with childlike wonder every time I witnessed her transformation!


Jenny sang that song in Elia Kazan’s 1956 controversial movie, Babydoll.  Starring Carroll Baker, Eli Wallach and Karl Malden, the Tennessee Williams movie was filmed in my sleepy little hometown of Benoit, Mississippi.

Although my memories of her are now clouded, Jenny’s essence will forever be branded in my memory, especially when I hear this song.

I shall not, I shall not be moved;
I shall not, I shall not be moved;
Like a tree that’s planted by the water,
I shall not be moved.
I’m on my way to glory,
I shall not be moved, 

On my way to glory,
I shall not be moved..
Like a tree that’s planted by the water…
I shall not be moved

Oh, yeah, I shall not be,
I shall not, i shall not be moved,
Like a tree that’s planted by the water

I shall not be moved…

Benoit, Mississippi1956

Benoit, Mississippi1956

While wading through numerous YouTube clips of Babydoll, there at 2:26 was my dear Jenny!   Ladies and gentlemen, I introduce you to the tiny town of Benoit, Mississippi and to Jenny!

History about this song can be found HERE.

Thanks, Frizztext, for your post that triggered this memory!

The WordPress Daily Prompt asked us to use a line from a favorite movie, write a post and use the line as the title.    Having spent this past week in loving tribute to Jenny, I will close with this quote from the movie: “Baby Doll: Well, let’s go in now. We got nothing to do but wait for tomorrow and see if we’re remembered or forgotten. “

Dear Jenny!  You will forever be remembered.