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Manabi Ecuador

Growing up on a cotton farm in the Mississippi Delta,  I thrived in the natural world of fields and hardwoods and that grand Mississippi River.  Horses, cattle, mules and chickens shared as much of my attention as the fields and lakes and river did.  Fishing, water skiing and horseback riding provided endless outdoor entertainment, and the summers slipped by way too fast.   Life in Ecuador reminds me of that vanishing idyllic syrupy life of my childhood when summertime was oh so very easy!

Enjoy Norah singing Summertime while we wipe away the color and pretend we’ve stepped back in time.

My neighbor

My neighbor Jaime

0 grayscale P1510798 la division ecuador boats

Jaime says, "HOLA!  Fish for sale!'

Jaime says, “HOLA! Fish for sale!’

A few locals describe my home as an islita – ‘little island,’ since it is nestled between Rio Jama and a shrimp pond!   Tucked half a mile across the shrimp farm is my friends’ cattle farm. Let’s go see some horses and cows!

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boots may 1 farm a grayscale xavier

Floating out of the misty recesses of my memory bank, memories from long ago resurface as I explore my friends’ farm on Ecuador’s Pacific Coast.  At times, the years are wiped away, and I am young and full of wonder.   The wonder has remained a lifelong companion.

boots grayscalemanabi farm the best boots

grayscale a day on the farm 04

The corn is harvested by hand and carried across a footbridge.  How well I remember shucking corn by hand!  Why? Because I enjoyed the task!

grayscale A DAY ON THE FARM 07

grayscale a day on the farm 03

grayscalea day on the farm 05

Planted by hand; harvested by hand.

grayscale farm farm chicken 2

Going home after a long day.

horses jama mule P1330557 grayscale

Mules, just like in the old days!  We sometimes hitched a team of mules to the wagon and journeyed three miles to town!  All was great until we pointed the mules toward home, and we sometimes risked a runaway mule wagon!

P1350057 OLD WOODEN SADDLE, father y son grayscale

Wooden Saddle

horse STA TERESA SADDLES P1490835 grayscale

grayscalejama donkey P1330566

horses sta teresa P1490839 grayscale

Crates of Queso Fresco (Fresh Cheese)

The Mississippi Delta did not have shrimp ponds, but there were many rice fields and catfish ponds! The shrimp harvest in Ecuador relies on manual labor, and the walk-on helpers are paid with shrimp!

0 grayscale P1370866 shrimp harvest CLOSE THE GATES

0 grayscale P1380034 shrimp harvest

0 grayscale P1370951 shrimp 0a P1370953 hand shrimp 0 shrimp P1640496 jama shrimp exchange

My life-long friend Andalyn will testify that we shelled our share of lima beans while growing up, though we never dreamed that their origin might have been Lima Peru!
grayscalejama P1560271 lima bean smiles grayscale butter beans P1490491

No thanks, I think I will shell my own!

No thanks, I think I will shell my own!

horses tope P1600421 HORSES  cabalgata san vicente grayscale

Sometimes the cowboys dress up and go to town!

P1350111 jama WANDERLUST cow in road grayscale

Farmers bring their cheese to town each Friday afternoon and sell it to a buyer.  They meet at my friends’ home, which is the cheese-trading headquarters!
P1490990 cheese day grayscale motorcycles y light

P1490984 cheese day scales grayscale

Sampling and Weighing Queso Fresco

P1490983 cheese dayAs with the shrimp, the buyer and the seller write down the information for each crate and agree on the grand total.   Town bustles throughout the weekend, and the horses, burros and mules enjoy their days off as well!
P1490876 lisa brunetti P1430700 MULE grayscale P1430692 MULE BURRO grayscale

grayscale farm chickensP1460131

Going home; what’s for dinner?!

boots may 1a grayscale

Going Home…

P1490977 cheese day fish grayscale

Going Home – Fish for Dinner!

boots P1630944 boots

Leave your boots at the door; there’s no place like home!

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