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Since many tasks fill my days, I usually scan the WordPress challenges and  participate when one applies to something that is happening in my life.  Today’s Daily Prompt states: Tell us how your week went by putting together a playlist of  five songs that represent it.

This one prompted me into a smile!  Playlist?  Music?   Sometimes the live soundtrack from the river trumps any recorded music, so I will first share some dawn wake-up sounds from the mangroves of Ecuador’s Pacific coast.  And yes, this was recorded outside my window! (You might need to turn up the volume…)

Rio Calm

Rio Calm

I am the king of t his river!

I am the king of this river!

Sometimes the kingfishers have their morning shouting matches while perched on the balcony. Perhaps they’re wondering how I could be sleeping instead of watching the day awaken!

Catch me if you can!

Catch me if you can!

The rainy season is alive and well here, and yesterday’s post waded back in time , so here’s a tune that mixes the present with the past.  (Remember to tone down the volume!)  Here are some images of the swollen river to compliment the song.


P1650911 rio jama point mangroves
0 P1460550 rio jama sunset after the flood

When it’s important to inject more energy into my work, I switch to music with a faster tempo.   A few nights ago I turned up the volume via a Coldplay soundtrack.

How can one not paint happy colors when listening to music like that?!

IF FISH COULD FLY - Do you see anything new?

IF FISH COULD FLY – Do you see anything new?

Two new original songs have received a lot of Zeebra playback this past week as I studied the tunes while painting.   With great pleasure I introduce you to a country-rock band that opened side-stage before Chris Cagle for a sell-out Rib Roundup Country Music Festival crowd of 20,000 yesterday in West Palm Beach Florida.   I am so proud of my dear friend Chris Cardman, an awesome guitar player, who shared these two just-released originals from this up-and-coming group.  When I visited their reverbnation site this morning, I was pleased to see they’ve moved from #7 to the #5 spot! Please give them a thumbs up on 20-Mile Bend and Watering Hole!

The songs are HERE: http://www.reverbnation.com/countylineroad/songs

The sluggish internet is often torture for listening to music videos, although they normally play well late at night. Late-night painting provides a sweet silence, and this music definitely complements that mood.  Hopefully the night herons, which guard the rocks in front of the house, approve of my soundtrack.   I’ll leave you with a calming one-hour best of Ludivico Einaudi.

Now.. back to my painting!

P1660043 if fish could fly sneak peek