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Approaching matters bassackwards, I will quote the comment I sent Doris of The Terrain of Symmetry.   Oh amiga. I told you that i would open this post and reply after my final painting session for the day. As I read your beautiful post, this song (from my painting playlist) began at the same moment. Talk about magical – it brought me to tears to hear that amazing song as backdrop to your words. “

Here is the song that was playing (Thanks to KYSEVENKUROI, who is always presenting great music and unique items of interest.)

Doris’s preface reads : “As of late I really do not do awards but this award was different, since this week was international women’s day  I decided to nominate and share this award with several bloggers whom I have come to know, these women had a great impact on me in many ways with what they share each day with their many talents, visions, and expectations about the world, to me they are genuine life changers.”

And here is her beautiful post: FACES OF HOPE

Doris The Terrain of Symmetry


Every so often Life humbles me to tears, and Doris’s beautiful tribute arrived on the heels of Hugh’s Snow & Zeebra post from last week.   Doris also honored me last year with another lovely feature.

Enjoy it here: Lisa Brunetti: Arte, Vida, Color y Fotografia.

And there was Patricia Farmer’s lovely feature as well in Jesus Jazz and Buddha – The Totamente Zen Art of Lisa Brunetti.

My heart swells with gratitude to all of you who follow my ramblings; your amazing support shines through each week – the string of comments for International Women’s Day post quickly broke Z’s old record – I was dumbfounded with the amazing and fast response  – ‘Who me?

Yes, because many of you shared it with others via the reblog option.  Thank all of you so much for sharing that post with a wider audience.

Doris, thank you again for your kind and beautiful spirit.  Your image belongs on that slideshow with us!