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riverhouse P1560270 riverhouse y lone mangrove

Manabi Ecuador-

Some of you might remember my post from December, “Manana Means Not Today.”    I am pleased to report that manana finally arrived today, almost four months late!

riverhouse P1560509 stretching exercises

P1630289 gatito rain lluvia window

Gatito the carpenter eyed the (slight) water damage from the poorly-installed window then slowly rubbed his jaw as we discussed those old tablas (boards) that his crew failed to replace and sundry other details that were never finished.

riverhouse P1560337 cristian silhouette

riverhouse P1560047 amaro hand

On parting we agreed that work would resume on Tuesday, and we shook hands.

RIVER HOUSE P1560096 PANCHO y hijos gatito juan amaro

“Martes,” I looked him in the eye and held it for a few seconds more than needed.

“Martes,” he nodded.

“Martes in six days,”  I said, “and not Martes in August.”

He laughed, and I laughed, and most likely he will honor his promise.

river house restoration P1560086 pancho

Gatito’s father – “Pancho”

Anyone want to place a bet?  Will he show up on Tuesday or not?

riverhouse P1560277 father son pancho y juan