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todays lunch pollo

Today’s Special: Chicken with Potatoes and Carrots, Rice, Chifles, Maracuya Juice

This weekend finds me travelling, and a three-bus journey delivered me to Mindo Ecuador around 8:30 last night.  A unique slice of heaven in the cloud forest, Mindo boasts one of the highest bird counts on the planet.  (430+ species!)  A white-tailed hummingbird reminded me of that fact first thing this morning when it zipped past me on the balcony of my hospedeje!

This week WordPress asks us,
“Show us what you actually had for lunch.
Show us what went into your lunch — a stunningly saturated pile of red radishes at the farmer’s market, or the process by which you construct the Ultimate Turkey Sandwich.
Show us what a mealtime is like at your house. Who’s there? What are they doing?
Show us a photo of someone truly enraptured by what they’re eating and capture the deep satisfaction of an enjoyable meal.
If you don’t have time for lunch or eat on the run, show us that.
Show us your favorite place to sit while you eat lunch, or your favorite place to prepare food.
Capture a candid photo of the guy behind the counter of your favorite greasy spoon.”

Since I’m in transit and am about to be immersed in this amazing outdoors heaven, I’m posting an image from the files.  Here’s an image that captures someone anticipating deep satisfaction of an enjoyable meal.”   Barb, forgive me in advance, but the world will surely agree with my choice:

P1510532 barb y lobster dinner

(El Matal Ecuador: Barb’s happy spirit and enthusiasm is infectious!)

Presently writing from the Dragonfly Inn’s lovely restaurant,
More soon!