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P1630241 punta prieta blue house and chickens gretaChickens are surely the icon of farm life worldwide!

EGGSWe all appreciate the versatile egg!   Scrambled, poached, over easy or hard boiled, eggs are also an important ingredient in many recipes.  They are often upgraded to an art form in the Easter tradition, but if we allow those eggs to incubate and hatch, we will soon have fluffy little puffs of chicklets.  Those chicks quickly morph into egg-laying hens (or roosters that give us sunrise wake-up calls!)

quail eggs P1520133 last one

Quail Eggs – Manta Ecuador

quail eggs P1520134

Sometimes I’d like to strangle those roosters when their warm-up chorus begins at three in the morning!   Many people confess of having sadistic dreams of slow roasting those sleep-disturbing roosters!

What's for dinner?

What’s for dinner?

“Don’t count your chickens before they hatch,” an ageless pearl of wisdom, reminds us to prepare for rain even though cobalt blue streaks from one side of the horizon to the other.

P1340629 chicken w chicks

As of 4:00 in the afternoon on this day of the solstice, just minutes of latitude south of the line of the equator,  Gatito the Carpenter has yet to show up for work!

P1530217 sunday chicken jama

Instead of poached or coddled eggs, I’m in the mood for roasted chicken.