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P1670002 happy boots

(Ecuador)   While exploring the town of Mindo on Sunday afternoon (most attractions were closed) I admired these children’s bright-yellow boots!  They were pleased that I loved them!

P1670004 happy boots mindo

After a brief conversation, they went in one direction, and I went in the other.

P1670131 MINDO

Searching for nuts and a drink, I wandered into a small store.  I asked the cashier if I could pay for a few items with a ten. (Many times people do not have enough to make change for a ten, so I was happy that she said, “Yes.”)     I looked up to see those precious yellow-booted children, and we took a few more fun photos!

P1670008 happy boots

Happy Boots - Happy Encounter!

Happy Boots – Happy Encounter!

As a way of thanking her for accepting the ten, I asked the cashier what item the three children might like as a gift.  “Ice cream,” was the suggestion.  I then discreetly asked the mother if she and the children would like an ice cream.  Mother declined but proudly watched as her children made their selections.   How great that their helado coordinated with their boots!

A ‘gringo’ slowly approached from the far side of the street, and I imagined him thinking, ‘Oh great, there goes the neighborhood… An outsider is going to upset the sweet balance.”

I was wrong.  His commented on my boots and stated that I must live in Ecuador.

He enjoyed seeing the images of the yellow boots!
P1670014 happy boots ice cream

P1670018 happy boots

The precious children were treated to ice cream, and I was invited to a late-afternoon dinner!   How’s that for instant karma?!!