Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

Lake Atitlan, Guatemala

There are many great Spanish words to be tagged L for this week’s Story Alphabet.  Although many people claim that they know little Spanish, they will most likely know some of these words! Through the magic of technology, this post will sail out of the starting gate while I am en route to Guayaquil to meet my friend Barbara!


lago near Mindo Ecuador

L is for lago/lake (Above)     L is for leche (Below)

Cafe Con Leche, Anyone?

Cafe Con Leche, Anyone?

We were all amused when Nicolas dubbed the riverhouse, “Casa Loca.”

"Esta Casa Es Loca!"

“Esta Casa Es Loca!”

Most of you know the word for moon:  Luna.   Full moon is luna llena.  Remember that the double l sounds like a Y.

P1150826 MOONSET august 2010 san miguel Z

Luna llena sets at dawn

Most likely, all WordPress bloggers love books/libros!  Ah, to hold a book in one’s hands and savor the words – THAT is becoming a lost art.   Today is like a blank page in a book; what will you scribble on your page of Life for today?

The Mola Series - Guest Book/Libro

The Mola Series – Guest Book/Libro

A pencil is called a lapiz;  a pen is lapicero.

Lapiz - Pencil

Lapiz – Pencil

I enjoy using a sharp Ebony drawing pencil! (above)  Drawing can be an emotional balm.  It is there where I am at peace;  my mind grows still, and my concept of time slows to a dream-like state between being fully awake and asleep.

Below: Here’s a fun way to illustrate latitud zero!  One becomes fully aware of one’s gps position on earth when one foot is in the northern hemisphere, and the other is in the southern zone!

LATITUDE ZERO: One foot in the northern hemisphere;  one foot in the southern one!

LATITUDE ZERO: One foot in the northern hemisphere; one foot in the southern one!

Then we have the double l words:

Lluvia – Rain, rain and more rain!  Life in the tropics comes with lots of rain.  Without the rain, we’d not have the lush green tropical plants!

river house view rainy day P1440584 view toward road

P1570758 early morning llamas

Llamas at Hacienda Guachala – Cayambe Ecuador


Did you know that the llamas are cousins of the camels?

Another fun word in Spanish is llave.  Oh my!  Marie lost her “Yah-vees” in the sand!  Or she almost lost her keys in the sand!

0 maries keys

I hope that you enjoyed this sampling of Spanish words that begin with the letter L.   Enjoy more “L” images at Frizztext’s post!