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When one starts the day with a view like this, how could it be a bad day?!

Full Moon Setting – When one starts the day with a view like this, how could it be a bad day?! (30-second exposure)

This whispering-quiet full moon cast its bewitching spell over me early this morning when I peered outside to see if the clouds had cleared.  Although I had no opportunity to watch the Lyrid meteors, the moon provided a nice consolation prize!   The view filled me with comfort, of hope for what this day would bring to our world, to the ones that I love and the ones I may never meet.

There is so much that is wrong in this world, but there is a lot that is right as well.  We have to have hope, which this moon seems to represent. I wish I could project this image in a format as grand as in real life so that you too could bask beneath its beauty.   I love my injections of the city, but I cherish my life in the country where I am immersed in nature and views like this.

Double your viewing pleasure:  Full Moon over Shrimp Ponds - Ecuador

Double your viewing pleasure: Full Moon Rising over Shrimp Ponds – Ecuador

To balance against the past two posts that were image ‘heavy,’  I present to you a song that plays in my mind often and has been on my playlist this past week.   Keb Mo, singing City Boy, taps into his genuine soul for this one, and it fits the tone of this day,  and I hope that it touches your heart:

The WordPress Daily Post asked if we had a tune that’s stuck in our head or playlist!  Yes, City Boy fits that criteria as well!  For a well-written post that addresses A Few Earth Day Observations, see MusingsOfAnOldFart.  I have already taken his advice and asked someone this morning, “What can we do about this?”

Happy Earth Day, Amigos.  Thanks so much for your amazing support!