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Barb at Punta Prieta, just up the coast from the town of Jama

Barb at Punta Prieta, just up the coast from the town of Jama

My trail is about to take me out of town for a few days, so enjoy this final postcard from Barb!  See you when I’m back on Wednesday!   Z

(From Barb)

Dear fans of “Zeebra’s Designs and Destination.”

WOW!!!!! I must say I am not only amazed but also totally overwhelmed with the response that Lisa has received on her WordPress Blog concerning the Zeebra’s Flying Carpet’s Post Cards.

Thank you everyone for the encouraging comments and well wishes through all of our journey on the “Carpet”. What fun we had. Lisa has such a great spirit, (as you all have seen) energy and love that it’s easy to catch it from her…..and that I did.

I left Ecuador with a lot of fond memories and a little sadness at having to leave Lisa and “The Riverhouse.”   However I will cherish all of those memories, new friends, not only from the towns we visited, but Lisa’s Blog as well.

Hopefully next year we will be able to do a take off from “Zeebra’s Flying Carpet.”  I’m not sure what country, as we both love to travel to new places …. or it might just be a return to “The Riverhouse” for more laughs and excitement….Or even Panama… No wonder we call ourselves “Lucy and Ethyl” or “Ethyl and Lucy” depending on what the situation is……There is always something to laugh about….and mostly at ourselves as we do get ourselves into some great/funny incidents. As my Dad used to say when he was alive, “There’s never a dull moment when Barbara’s around.”

Well I found a friend just like me!! LISA!!

Have a great day!! And thanks again!

Pardon me, but do you have any maracuya curd?

Pardon me, but where did that other hummingbird go?


“Hummingbird” aka Barb