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P1690891 sandia for sale jama watermelon red

Lagniappe - A little something extra!

Lagniappe – A little something extra!

Growing up in Mississippi placed me close enough to Louisiana’s creole culture to learn the word langiappe, which means something extra.   How surprised I was to discover that the word’s origins come from a Quechua word!

Yesterday’s Marcha Blanca walk for peace exhausted my camera’s batteries while I snapped  over 3G worth of photos.  I present to you this token lagniappe, a little something extra from the walk for peace!

P1690885 white for peace hat - Copy

P1690899 fisherman bicycle jama orange - Copy

Watermelon/Sandia twenty five cents a slice!

Watermelon/Sandia twenty five cents a slice!

P1690930 white for peace cropped - Copy

P1690937 white for peace jama smiles - Copy

P1690993 white for peace - Copy

P1700055 little boy white for peace - Copy

P1700059 windows jama peace - Copy

P1700061 jama windows doors peace - Copy

P1700064 jama peace march bench windows doors - Copy

P1700138  old man corner white jama

P1700139 old man corner wheelchair closeup

P1700153 jama gloria white peace

P1700167 dog on roof


P1700179 juan javier y dog

P1700185 truck smiles jama white peace

P1700186 window smiles

P1700188 jama smiles

P1700190 peekaboo door gate

P1700195 gate smiles


P1700199 porch smiles jama white

P1700196 porch smiles jama white

P1700201 JAMA white

P1700204 jama corner

P1700212 tic tac toe jama white peace

P1700220 jama white

P1700222 door smiles

P1700226 boy in window jama 2

P1700232 little boy smiles

P1700233 little boy corner

P1700234 jama smiles arriba

P1700236 jama jappy house

P1700238 jama smiles window

P1700239 jama window smiles

P1700240 jama smiles

P1700251 window smiles

P1700250 window smiles javier

P1700247 window smiles

P1700264 jama white farm store

P1700267 jama doors

P1700272 jama windows

P1700268 nery jama smiles

P1700271 jama smiles

P1700275 jama smiles 2

P1700277 bananas y jama smiles

P1700285 carmen smiles jama

P1700286 dirty hands

P1700291 window smiles

P1700293 door bicycle smile

P1700297 jama smile garden

P1700298 window smiles

P1700302 santa smiles

P1700066 windows jama


I hope you enjoyed the walk around town!   Z