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P1700416 bodega floor feather detail

Holy Piso, Batman, The Bodega Floor is Finished!

Yes, ‘Stage One” of the bodega floor is finished! The first coat of a non-yellowing “laca poliuretano para pisos” is now drying, and the floor will be ready for its first inspection tomorrow! My friend Sarah Dettman and her tour group of 20 will stop by the house to for a sample of my life here on the river.

P1700473 corner detail shell

It’s not fair to let them see this floor before all of you in the cheering section!     The only problem is that Barb is not here for a celebratory test drive on the magic carpet!

P1700495 flying carpet detail

The floor has been a great challenge, though I found myself questioning the many weeks of work on something that can never be sold or moved or placed in an exhibition!

P1700496 magic carpet ropes

P1700505 butterfly varnish before after

Varnished tile on the left; unvarnished on the right.

P1700450 bodega floor fringe

P1700509 VARNISH

The varnish pulls out depth and enriches the colors.

P1700504 bodega floor turtle magic carpet

The tiles are not perfect; I kept reminding myself, “Lisa, this is a floor.”

P1700519 bodega floor butterfly w varnish

“Just a little more, just a little more…” I finally said, “Stop! (Are you glad that I added the butterfly?)

P1700461 THE MAGIC CARPET bodega floor

Check Engines…

Barb?  Clear the top deck over there at Amador, and I’ll head to Panama at the stroke of midnight!  (I’ll stay under the radar!)

P1700520 bodega floor first mano of varnish

Open hangar doors and prepare for liftoff!

Thanks, everyone, for your amazing support!  Your feedback made this project extra special! Z