Returning home from a short road trip, I found this page still on my computer screen. I was surprised that no one reblogged Bente’s post – how often does one see Steve McCurry on the other end of the lens? Bente, this black and white portrait captures an amazing exchange between the two of you, and all the while those bewitching eyes watch from afar! That portrait is your finest!

Bente Haarstad Photography


I guess a lot of you fellow bloggers are well known with the work of Steve McCurry, not the least his very beautiful blog. The American photojournalist is one of the most iconic voices in contemporary photography, having done a lot of magazine covers, over a dozen books, and countless exhibitions around the world. Last weekend he was in Norway, participating at the Nordic Light International Festival of Photography. I was there, both at the exhibition and his lecture in the evening. And it was very interesting to listen to the famous photographer.



One of the most interesting things McCurry told was that he is usually travelling light. Only one camera on the street, one lense, no flash, carrying a tripod but rarely using it. Having an extra camera of course, but not carrying two of them around. McCurry is famous for how he uses light and colours…

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