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There’s a good thing/bad thing about being a serious artist who also blogs;  it’s that of being a serious blogger who also paints!  Juggling the two is often difficult for me, as when I am painting, I don’t want to stop until I reach a true finishing point, and when I am blogging, I don’t want to stop until that ‘publish’ button has been selected, or until I schedule it to publish later!  A queue of awards patiently awaits my attention, and now that the first phase of the floor project is finished,  I’ll start with the one that was waiting in the pending approval file!

Go to Jana Traff’s homepage, and you will most likely spot her zest for life in the first images before you ever begin to read her post!  She recently passed along the Leibster Award, which made me ponder just exactly what was the criteria for passing it to others.  An easy search led me to Sopphey, who has already done that work and shares it HERE.

Whether it’s for someone who has less than 200 subscribers or 3,000 subscribers, the most important part is that it was passed to me, and I am proud to pass it along to some new “dearest” bloggers who are quite worthy of recognition.

..When All Else Fails...

..When All Else Fails…

As most of you know, my internet service is so horrid that I often stay up very late in order to get the fastest service when the rest of the people in this 5-k area shut down their computers for the night! The prolific ‘many posts per day’ folks, I fear, don’t receive 100 percent of my attention, as it takes minutes just to open one page, and minutes more for an image to load.  I can’t keep up with you!  Others amaze me with their once-daily schedules and how they stick to those schedules!  I cherish your discipline.

Hugh Curtler‘s morning posts keep me informed on many delicate issues that affect North Americans and the world.  Thanks, Hugh, for always being consistent and informative!  Thanks, also, for your always-kind words that you share about your friend the Zeebra in Ecuador!

P1690131 punta prieta red light

Many people light our way.

Like a maternal tap-tap-tap on the shoulder at 2 in the morning,  Julia’s Defeat Despair gives me a heartwarming epistle while reminding me to get some sleep!  Otherwise her post is patiently awaiting my attention when I awaken in the morning.  She is a beacon in the night to anyone who has ever become discouraged or overwhelmed.   Please visit her site which is quite worthy of the Leibster Award and many more!


If you’ve ever marveled at the beauty of a plain ole simple monochromatic x-ray, you’d best fasten your seat belt before visiting Tony Lamont’s X-raypics site.  Of all of the original art I’ve seen over the years, his unique style captures my full attention.   A radiologist, Tony presents his unique beautiful art with a medical lesson as well!  Enjoy some of his posts and let me know if you agree.  Better than that, let HIM know that you agree!

Happy Helpers!

Happy Helpers!

The next three bloggers are prolific and highly-talented artists as well.  Each has developed his/her unique style and subject matter and are great teachers and deep thinkers.   My only regret is that we can’t have brainstorming sessions in person.   Artists inspire one another, and feedback between peers is like a tall glass of water on a hot day!

David Tripp (Watercolor)  —   After a long day of teaching, David retreats to his Man Cave and creates exquisite still lifes in watercolor.  He also shares his love of Thoreau, Hemingway,  Andrew Weyeth, and many other of my favorite writers/artists as well.    Although his images stand alone, he also has the patience and discipline to share his techniques and thoughts as he journeys through each highly-original work.  Check out the watercolor of a screen door that is presently consuming his focus.  (THE SEER)

Oil Pastels by Mary (Pastels!) —  Long ago the beauty of a large box of pastels inspired me to try my best to turn those rainbow fingers of chalk into works of art.  I quickly discovered that mastering the medium required many hours of patience and perseverance. Those rainbows of pigment also tickled my allergies, which weaned my attentions back to watercolor!  With oil pastels, Mary expertly captures the beauty of the ocean and the moods of its waves as well as lovely pastoral scenes on dry land!  She has also been playing catch up on passing along many awards!  (Thanks, amiga, for including me in your family!   Now you can switch back to painting!)   Enjoy Mary’s mastery of pastels HERE.

Ruth Bailey Art (Watercolor)— Enjoy another established watercolorist who also shares through step-by-steps or through thoughtful reflections about her art.  Highly prolific Ruth churns out some amazing art while juggling other duties;  her culinary skills are great –  unless she’s distracted by her paintbrush!   Be sure to enjoy her post that journal’s a day in her life through watercolor sketches!

Thank you, Jana, for the award, which allows me to introduce everyone to these talented bloggers!  For others who have passed other awards my way, thank you so much, and I hope to catch up this week!  May it be a good week for everyone!

Are you ready to hear about the tour?!!  I have lots of new friends!  New post soon!

Are you ready to hear about the tour?!! I have lots of new friends! New post soon!