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P1700570 cracking almendros hands stone

“What’s cooking, Ramon?”

May 2013 – Manabi Ecuador

Last Friday I traveled up the coast and met Sarah Dettman and her Ecuador Expat Journeys group in the coastal town of Pedernales.   Driving south, we crossed the line of the equator and kept rolling until we reached the petite beach community of La Division, about a mile from where I live.  In addition to having a picnic, we learned why almendros are so expensive!  A lot of work goes into retrieving the nuts!

P1700569 ramons hands almendro

Ramon shows us how to crack the almendros! (almonds)

Ramon shows us how to crack the almendros! (almonds)

P1700585 cracking almendros la division

P1700586 almendros la divisino ramon

P1700564 la division tour sarah dettman

P1700565 la division alexandro swing hammock

Alexandro was happy to watch from afar!

P1700568 la division picnic sarah dettman tour

A casual fix-your-own sandwich buffet gave everyone the chance to relax and recharge before moving to the next stop.

Alwyas-smilng Nety!

Always-smiling Nely!

Dier tells us goodbye!

Dier tells us goodbye!

The next stop was the riverhouse;  would you believe that I forgot to take photos when they stepped onto the magic carpet?

P1700520 bodega floor first mano of varnish

After absorbing and inspecting the just-finished floor, everyone journeyed upstairs to the living quarters.  I don’t think they expected the uniqueness of the house!

P1700600 sarah dettman tour river house

P1700602 sarah dettman tour cropped

Every house should have a swing, don’t you agree?

P1700601 sarah dettman tour

So…. what’s behind the painted panel?

After absorbing the oversized painting,  If Fish Could Fly, they watched the hinged panel reveal the view of river!

(From earlier this year!)

(From February 2013)

After touring the house, we returned to the bus and journeyed another hour down the coast to the lovely Canoa Beach Hotel. Sarah’s business partner Jonathan Hall and his group greeted us just in time for the sunset hour!   Ahhhh, who wouldn’t be pleased with these accommodations?

P1700623 coco beach hotel pool y garden P1700631 coco beach hotel sarah dettman group P1700610  canoa beach hotel

Early morning found some of us taking a misty beach walk-talk (practicing Spanish) while others enjoyed basking in the comfort of Canoa Beach Hotel!    After a leisurely late-morning breakfast, we boarded the bus for the next leg of the journey.

P1700632 coco beach hotel

P1700658 canoa beah hotel checkouyt

Owner-builder Greg Gilliam kept us entertained as he shared tidbits of wit and wisdom during breakfast.

P1700641 window smiles 2

Time to load the bags and move to the next stop!

We rolled half an hour down the road to San Vicente, where we had an option of bailing out to cross Rio Chone by boat taxi or riding the bus over the bridge to the city of Bahia de Caraquez.

P1700706 canoa window view

View of Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

View of Bahia de Caraquez, Ecuador

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