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P1700898 MAN IN DOORWAY bahia

Life presents us with unique people if we slow down long enough to notice!

P1700846 bahia mural wall

Bahia de Caraquez – A picturesque little green city!

Manabi Province – Ecuador  (May 2013)

(This post follows New Friends, New Memories – Part 01 posted yesterday)

P1700680 counting to 20-something

After the Ecuador Crash Course group left Canoa Beach Hotel,  Susana stepped into her job as Spanish teacher and prompted us to count heads in Spanish as the bus took us the half-hour ride to San Vicente!    Learning a new language is often difficult for many, but Susana’s infectious spirit reminded us to embrace the new words and cherish the adventure!

"...How do you say...?"

“…How do you say…?”

P1700682 counting to

…After ten comes…? What is the word for eleven? Twelve? Thirteen? Fourteen? Fifteen? Sixteen? Eso! That’s right! The next three are easy!”

In San Vicente, most of us bailed out of the bus and took a boat taxi across the mouth of the Chone River. (Bay of Caraquez)

The rest of our group traveled over the bridge by bus and waited on the Bahia de Caraquez side of the river. P1700745 san vicente pier P1700747 san vicente pier fishermen boots bicycle P1700747 san vicente pier fishermen boots P1700749 san vicente pier P1700754 san vicente boat taxi P1700762 bahia boat taxi P1700764 boat taxi smiles P1700765 san vicente boat taxi smiles But wait!   We were so caught up in Kodak moments that we left two of our children behind!  (We should have counted heads again before the boat departed!) P1700772 oops ninos left behind P1700775 ninos we forgot boat taxi P1700788 boat taxi smiles P1700799 bahia ferry Happy to make Bahia de Caraquez, some of the group danced their way toward the thump-thump-thump of nearby music! P1700808 dancing off the boat taxi bahia P1700809 dancing off the boat taxi bahia P1700811 dancing off the boat taxi bahia P1700812 dancing off the boat taxi bahia P1700813 bahia boat taxi dance P1700815 bahia boat taxi stilts P1700816 bahia stilts

But wait!  Let's see what this is all about!

But wait! Let’s see what this is all about!

P1700820 bahia stilts P1700821 bahia stilts tai P1700821 bahia stilts P1700822 bahia stilts P1700824 bahia stilts 2 After a drive around Bahia, we traveled up up up to the lookout point where the giant white cross watches over Bahia and the coastline.  While my new friends explored the hilltop, I took a few candid photos.

P1700875 bahia hill

This was a nice perch while others climbed to the top of the white cross!

P1700879 bahia cross

P1700880 bahia cross

P1700862 manuel bahia hilltop

I spotted this man as the bus reached the top of the hill. His name is Manuel.  Sometimes we should pause and give respect to those who were here long before we barged onto the scene!

P1700863 manuel bahia hilltop old man

P1700894 man in doorway bahia

I have forgotten this man’s unusual name, but he was very friendly!

P1700895 MAN IN DOORWAY BAHIA HILLTOP P1700895 man in doorway bahia

"Y'all come back, you hear?"

“Y’all come back, you hear?”

The bus took us down down down until we were again at sea level and ready for our next feeding.

P1700907 bahia bridge from hill

Bahia bridge from the hill

P1700925 puerto armistad

P1700947  who's hungry Puerto de Armistad didn’t let us down as we feasted on various entrees.  Owner Tripp Martin greeted everyone and helped take the orders.  He later shared his own story and gave pointers about life in Ecuador.    Dave and Miriam , another seasoned couple who have made Bahia their home, shared their stories, which included some amazing ‘What Can Go Wrong’ tales that turned out well!

Making new friends along the way!

Making new friends along the way!

P1700967 parting is such sweet sorrow

After lunch, everyone returned to the bus with Puerto Lopez as the next destination.

They asked, “Lisa, how will you get home?

I smiled and said that the magic carpet would come get me!

Parting is indeed sweet sorrow!

Parting is indeed sweet sorrow!

Crossing the river by colorful boat taxi, I hopped on the next bus going to home sweet Jama! P1700977 five boats 5