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"Sunday Picnic" Urracas -  24" x 48"

“Sunday Picnic” Urracas – 24″ x 48″

Frizztext’s alphabet challenge has reached V, and I”m tardy with U!   Today’s internet was too slow to make progress on the web.  Alas, I need my sleep, so now that it’s working fast enough to load pages, I hurriedly introduce you to the raucous, gregarious urracas that color the landscape in Costa Rica.

Urracas often raid the tables at open-air restaurants!  This acrylic, Sunday Picnic, was painted on site in my backyard, though I relied on photos to capture the essence of these beautiful birds.   The urracas love bananas, and those particular plants provided enough for the urracas and me!

Urraca also means chatterbox!

"Sunday Picnic" - detail

“Sunday Picnic” – detail

That’s it – short and sweet for this week’s Spanish post!

Now for that sleep session…