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Timeout for drawing...

Timeout for drawing… Inspired by a photo…

The past ten days have filled my life with power outages, a broken water line, private tours,  a painting competition, watercolor lessons by candlelight, a dress-rehearsal parade, and the challenge of transforming a restaurant dining area.  I’ve sharpened my pencils countless times, though I have had little time online.

P1740753 snowy egret pencil

While waiting on lunch, I added more background...

While waiting on lunch, I added more background to bring the snowy egret into focus.

Precision requires a sharp point!  One more session will complete the above drawing.   Instead of finishing the egret drawing yesterday, I focused on the cat for part of the restaurant’s new ‘artsy’ look!

Enjoy the evolution of a fun impromptu painting that was prompted by the suggestion, ‘What about a window with a cat – painted in the same style of the tables? Simple lines and basic colors.”

I veered a little off course!

P1740747 tabletop swirl

Sister Synergy!

P1740734 tabletop butterflies

Simple graphic designs and clean uncomplicated colors make one splash of a presentation!

What would you draw in this area?!

What would you draw in this area?!

Timeout for drawing...

Timeout for drawing…

The drawing deserved more than a flat uncomplicated design!

P1750022 restaurant eclusivo cat

Ecuadorians are creative recyclers and often use discarded items for planters.

P1750025 restaurant cat

After drawing a good map of the kitten’s shape, I easily blocked in the color.

P1750046 cat restaurant painting

More detail makes this mini mural believable.

P1750052 restaurant cat painting silvana

Poor poor Kitty did not enjoy modeling for the artist! I chuckle at the memories! Thanks, Silvana, for holding the impatient cat!

P1750054 restaurant cat

“I don’t like being the center of attention!”

Curious for more images of the transformation?   Go visit Silvana’s post for her refreshing tale, What Can We Do With This Place?!