P1750108 ninas exclusivo

“Unfortunately when I start to talk or when someone watches over my shoulders, my pencil either stops or I draw meaningless lines.”  (E. J. Hughes)

Quietly working!

Quietly working!

From Quito

Hi friends!

In the Andean city of Quito, I am using a friends computer (with Spanish keyboard) and unable to transfer images from the cameras memory chip.   Tomorrow night from the cloudforest of Mindo, I will most likely be online with access to this weeks images!

While painting at Restaurant Exclusivo last week, I often lost my concentration when others were standing nearby and talking, lauging, critiquing the painting in progress.  I noted that my lines wavered in the direction of the bystanders and the direction my minds eye wandered.

My friends are accustomed to a “No Talking Zone” sign that I often display when I am seriously working.  It helps remind them that noises pull my attention away from my painting!

Brian tunes out the world by using earphones and music!

Brian tunes out the world by using earphones and music!

Signing off for the day and will most likely see you Thursday night!