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Sarah, Eloy and I worked  past sunset!

Day One -“Life Birds” – Sarah, Eloy and I worked past sunset!

Quito, Ecuador –   While the northern hemisphere approaches the longest day of the year, and the southern approaches the shortest, the sun consistently peers over the horizon around 6 in the morning and sets around 6 in the evening on the equator.   I often try to squeeze a bit more from each day, as the above photo illustrates!

Day Two:  Attention to detail strengthens the painting.

Day Two: Attention to detail strengthens the painting.

A Painting Party!

Day Three: A Late-Afternoon Painting Party!

Before I resumed painting this morning, I posted the following comment to a forum about expat life in Ecuador:  “When we travel to other countries, we sometimes forget that we are walking ambassadors for our own country.  Our actions, manners and respect for others not only represent us, but our country as well.  I have witnessed people who make shining ambassadors for my country, and I have witnessed others who make me ashamed.  Sometimes we judge a bit too harshly, or we lose our tempers (easy to do when adjusting to a new culture) when we are frustrated.  Even bad experiences teach us lessons!

My friend Silvana published a post last night, and I hope that all of you will read her story.  She is a very bright, positive and sensitive young woman, and I am proud to call her my friend.  I am also ashamed that she overheard an insensitive conversation this past week that addressed her culture.


Please leave a comment (on Silvana’s post) to show that for every insensitive person, there are many many more who are kind.” 

Working in harmony

Working in harmony

Thanks to those of you who have already commented on Silvana’s post;   we all play a role in our world’s future, and bridging the cultures is a very important step.

My hands are full with painting projects this week at Sarah Dettman’s home,  and I look forward to sharing the progress soon.  Thank you all for your patience, and for your tireless support even when your comments go unanswered!  I’m slowly catching up!

..Coming up - Butterflies!

..Coming up – Butterflies!

It’s ‘lights out’ so that my eyes can rest and my batteries will be recharged;  I’ll be painting while the sun is shining in the manana!