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The sun peered majestically over Quito Ecuador on the summer solstice!

Quito, Ecuador – Every equinox and solstice remind me to stop and ponder where I am on the planet, where I am in my life’s journey, and to consider how all of us play our roles on this beautiful planet in this beautiful solar system. Someone mentioned this past week that the sun is straight overhead (at the equator) during the summer solstice. I didn’t challenge their statement, but made a note to mark the sun’s position at high noon.  Not being at home, this was much easier to record than the end-of-day images!

While critiquing the sunflower painting, I noted the strong mid-morning light and shadow when a surprise visitor ambled into the scene!  After a fun photo session, I focused on painting!

P1760633 10 a.m. solstice visitors

10 a.m. solstice visitors!

A sense of high noon awakened me from my painting trance, and I hurriedly checked the computer to see the time:  11:59!   I dashed inside, grabbed an apple, sliced away the bottom, placed the apple on the white plate, impaled the knife as straight UP as possible, dashed outside and took the photos!

Creative Sun Dial!

Creative Sun Dial!

How appropriate was it that I had been ‘cleaning up’ the black lines of the sunflower?!  This post also addresses the Weekly Photo Challenge.  Here is the summer solstice through my eyes with the added bonus of a precious unexpected visitor who stole my attention!

High noon on the equator!

High noon on the equator!

I have stumbled upon a fun option to the end-of-day photos for the solstice and equinox! For a more-traditional solstice post, see last year’s solstice photos from Cruzita Ecuador:  (2012 Pacific Solstice)

Miss Nasturtium, my sunshine companion!

Miss Nasturtium, my equinox sunshine companion!

Happy summer – or winter – solstice to all of you! By the way, if it’s summer solstice in the northern hemisphere and winter solstice in the southern, what is it called on the equator? I truly have no clue!  Maybe if one is located just south of the line, it’s winter solstice and just north it’s summer, but what if one straddles the line?

🙂 Z