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Hmmm... What could a Zeebra do to jazz up this area?

Hmmm… What could a Zeebra do to jazz up this area?

This week brought many creative challenges while I spent time with my friend Sarah Dettman and her family.  From the hummingbird and butterfly murals, to the sunflower painting for their laundry room, my paint brushes have had a workout!

Yesterday while Sarah was speaking to a WorldTeach group, I sneaked back to the courtyard and left a smile for her to find later!  She and her husband walked right past it several times before Eloy spotted it!   

P1760791 sarita courtyard tree border mosaic P1760792 sarita courtyard tree border mosaic P1760812 mosaic at saritas house

P1760813 mosaic para sarita

Does this paint fool your eyes and make you think this is mosaic tile?

As the world digests, critiques and swaps attitudes about the Edward Snowden saga, I flashed back to the Julian Assange story with Wilkileaks.  People wrote me with concern that I was living in a country that would grant him (Assange) asylum, and people wrote to say, ‘Hooray for Ecuador for standing up for Assange!’

No one has written me this week regarding Snowden; perhaps because Assange paved the way?  I am extremely curious to know what all of you think about the Snowden story.  Please take a moment for your feedback:

I welcome your comments on this one.  Thanks in advance!