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 “Buck Moon” & Meteor Shower Event

July 22-23, 2013
MAGIC CARPET Round-The-World Check-out Ride!

P1700496 magic carpet ropes

Hurry!  This once-in-a-lifetime deal will sell out fast!   Reserve your seat for the maiden check-out ride on the Magic Carpet!

First Class, Business Class, Economy, Backpacker or Freight?  It doesn’t matter! On the magic carpet, all seats are unique, and because it’s magic, there’s room for everyone!

P1680429 hibiscus tortuga bodega floor

But wait!  There is a catch! (Isn’t there always a touch of fine print?)

In the comment section, leave your name/names and GPS location to reserve a seat!  This will be a pot-luck flight;  my Ecuadorian friends (Co-hosting this event) will supply the shrimp, but everyone should contribute something!

What's for breakfast?  Anything served on the magic carpet will surely be a unique experience!

What’s for breakfast? (Quinoa Pizza!) Anything served on the magic carpet will surely be a unique experience!

Suggested items:  Appetizer, side dish, Chinese lanterns, dessert, flotation devices, badminton set, cafe, dancing donkeys, coffee press, howler monkey,  tea, jig saw, napkins, ivory-billed woodpecker, table cloth, guitar, mosquito repellent, night-vision binoculars, red wine, watercolor brushes,ginger ale, maracas, grits (grits?!) yes grits, baby grand, brownies, boogie board, stethoscope, saffron…   (No MSG or artificial sweeteners, please!)

Zeebra Surprises

Zeebra Surprises

This is the alpha and omega, the one and final members-only opportunity to reserve your seat on the Magic Carpet Round-the-World check-out ride!   The July Aquarid Meteors should not affect the navigation system, and the full moon will replace our need for landing lights.  Because we will fly from east to west, this will be a never-ending night ride beneath the magical spell of this month’s “Buck Moon.”

Applying magic to the fibers of the carpet!

Applying magic to the fibers of the carpet! (Photo by Barb Seibel)
(“Hi, My name is Lisa, and I’ll be piloting this magic aircraft after I finish this touch-up maintenance!”)

P1700461 THE MAGIC CARPET bodega floor

Those who have already signed up (See comments HERE) are invited to the Early Bird Pre-flight Party.
* Edited to include the video made for this checkout ride:


(  Playamart/Zeebra Designs is not responsible for loss of items.  This will be a no-smoking flight.)

Registration (Name and GPS/Country location) starts below in the comment section!