It’s a bird… it’s a plane… no, it’s THE FLYING CARPET!  YAY!

Jama Ecuador –

Chomping at the bodega doors, the Magic Carpet quivered and hummed as it hovered several inches above the floor. After several tests with the wine glasses, we loaded rain goggles and fog lights when reports arrived from Nicaragua of rainy conditions. Mission control’s technical glitches continued to add hours to the delays but began to improve when the people of Jama shut down their computers!

Under the cloak of darkness, our navigator took the flying carpet for a very unsteady glide down the river and made a wide arc over the mouth.   Clipping the mangroves as the carpet dodged a near miss with a yellow-crowned night heron, the test pilot worked out a few bugs from the aircraft.  He tweaked the rudder cables that had been expertly woven into the edges of the carpet, then pulled the magic aircraft into a slow loop before barrel rolling it back into the hangar!   I climbed aboard, and he quickly signed me off with full confidence that the magic carpet is safe and sound!    We bucked off a few pieces of stemware, and the calla lilies tumbled into the ocean, but we returned to the riverhouse with complete mastery of the magic craft!

Monday 4 p.m.

Monday 4 p.m.

I've been told that a halo around the moon is a sign of rain....

I’ve been told that a halo around the moon is a sign of rain….

P1640195 cesar shrimp harvest light bulbs

My friends contributed a bounty of fresh shrimp, and I hope that someone has horseradish!    John and Mary, I should be there in about two minutes! (I’ll awaken you!) Then we will buzz the city of Quito for snorts and giggles before swooping over to Venezuela to get Silvana (who will surely be awake!) and then we’re Panama bound.    Costa Rica and Nicaragua  will be easy stops, then we’ll head up the flyway to the US of A and across the big pond!

Full moon over Quito

Full moon over Quito

This craft’s amazing!  She’s a beauty!  A true beauty – and get ready everyone, she’s firing out of here at the moment the Publish button is selected. (An upload is taking hours!)

Within half an hour of departure from the hangar,  the carpet should have everyone aboard!  Mission control will contact us if there are last-minute ticket holders waiting to board!  Hey! Word just in – Bob of PiranCafe has crawled from his sick bed and will join us!  Yay Bob!  This might provide your miracle cure!

Of course we’ll land at the riverhouse before moving to the beach for a grand finale!

P1610003 la division beach bon fire

Turn up the volume for the in-flight movie and prepare for a fun round the world journey!  BTG5885, this should make you smile:

Thanks for taking part in this historic flight!  Click the blue dots below to see what everyone’s bringing!  Several are overlapped, and a larger map reveals more!