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P1790250 circle bodega floor“I don’t want technology to take me so far that I don’t have to use my brain anymore. It’s like GPS taking over and losing your internal compass. It’s always got to be tactile, still organic.”
Andrew Bird

Years ago I worked in a design studio for a company that produced custom carpets for hotels, movie theaters, casinos and private businesses.  Every so often we received an order for a hand-made rug, and the pattern had to be drawn on a huge canvas that was stretched to correct proportions in the warehouse.   To my amusement, most of the younger designers were graphic art whizzes, but their drawing skills were horrid!   I quickly became the hand-made rug specialist, and I would leave a note on my desk, “Gone to the briar patch! – ‘Brer Rabbit.’

How I loved the challenge of using my math and drawing skills to transfer a complicated design onto a giant canvas, then color code the areas to be filled in by another person!

I still enjoy using my internal compass to draw a complicated design on a forlorn concrete floor and watching the room slowly transform!   These photos illustrate one of several projects that tested my drawing skills this week.

P1790252 bodega floor circle

Hmmm, perhaps it’s a flying saucer?!!! 138 cm wide! (4.5′ )

P1790288 mosaic circle bodega

Slowly the mosaic strengthens.

P1790289 bodega floor circle mosaic

Washes add depth and contrast for the lighter colors.

P1790294 bodega floor circle mosaic

There’s a plan, and the darker areas have a purpose!

P1790519 COMPASS

Strengthening colors…

Analytical drawing skills required!!!

Analytical drawing skills required!!!

P1790547 COMPASS

P1790557 COMPASS

More analytical skills at work!

P1790561 COMPASS

Slowly the image strengthens…

In Progress - Compass for the Magic Carpet!

Day Four – Compass for the Magic Carpet! – Stopping point for the night!

Another view:

P1790253 bodega circle

P1790295 bodega circle mosaic

P1790535 COMPASS

It looks a bit like an eyeball, don’t you agree?!

P1790543 compass

P1790553 COMPASS - Copy

P1790560 COMPASS

Shadows strengthen the design and make it more believable.

In Progress - Over four-feet wide!   A Mosaic Compass for the Magic Carpet!

In Progress – Over four-feet wide! A Mosaic Compass for the Magic Carpet!

Tomorrow/Thursday, I will finish the shadows then apply mosaic patterns on the white areas.   Special touches of art will accent the four cardinal points.  I’m saving the best for last!

Do you think that this compass will compliment the magic carpet?!